Tankapede Studio is allegedly a one-person independent studio in the business of web-based storytelling. Websites are a medium too!

The People (singular)

° Kawa "konqd" Demachi

Allege-ed 3D artist and animator, and otherwise-wise dabbler of too many things. All hopped up on nightcore with nowhere to go. Currently working on C in the Blue, aka throwing all manner of sickeningly cool and/or dumb and/or 2000s-y things into a blender to see what happens.

Favorite Web-o-Zone: homestarrunner.egg
Religion: Haruhi-ism.
Greatest achievement: idk getting in the top 69 players on the ultrakill cybergrind leaderboards ages ago
band name?: band name.
can you at least tell me ur waifu?: konata :3
why the fuck did you put autoplaying music on your homepage: the guy that lives inside the sun told me to idk